L’Europe, entre l’héritage et la promesse

L’Europe, entre l’héritage et la promesseSéminaire organisé les 12-13 avril 2021 par l’Institut Polytechnique de Tomar


À l’occasion de la présidence portugaise du Conseil de l’Union européenne (janvier/juin 2021), un séminaire est organisé les 12-13 avril 2021 par l’Institut Polytechnique de Tomar :

Património e rotas de intercâmbios culturais - Debater, conservar e valorizar - Heritage Seminar and cultural exchange routes - Debate, conserve and value.

Robert Belot, directeur du Consortium de l’EMJMD DYCLAM+ & Chaire européenne Jean Monnet, interviendra le 12 avril à 11h 30 sur le thème suivant :

L’Europe, entre l’héritage et la promesse
Europe, between Heritage and Promise

The “European construction” was not only an economic or geopolitical project. It was carried and nourished by a meta-political ambition which aimed at renouncing 30 years of wars and liberticidal ideologies in order to renew with the humanistic culture that Europe had itself given birth to.
It was necessary to inscribe the destiny of Europe in an axological heritage based on the rediscovery of the Erasmian ideal and the promise of Age of “Enlightenment”. Europe, contrary to what its detractors would have us believe, is not only a community of interests and cannot be summarized in a past of world domination: it is first of all a telos.
This primary and ultimate purpose, often forgotten and betrayed, can be read in the mirror of our common heritage: a shared history (glorious or unfortunate), a culture that has radiated throughout the world, an ethos that reveals and brings together our diversities, values inspired by the extraordinary democratic invention that the Greeks bequeathed to us and that half of the countries in the world today still do not share.